Haywired -The Country Rock & Blues from Wichita Kansas!

Haywired was founded in late 2011 by 2 guys within the same current career business. Lead singer Brad Read was caught red handed singing great country songs in the rafters of the shop when over heard by guitar player Chris Murray. Dale Murray joined in on Acoustic Guitar and Dan Walker joined in on the Bass Guitar for a short time before stepping out due to a busy work schedule. In came Arizona Mike on bass, Ed Taylor on drums. About 8 months playing together, they felt it was time to kick it up and go somewhere with the talent they put together. Haywired welcomed Chris Parks(Long time friend and former bandmate of Chris Murray) to the band on the lead electric guitar in June of 2012. In Early 2013 Haywired welcomed Dan Walker back at Bass guitar. Later Steve Headley stepped in on lead acoustic and Wes Bannon on Drums. You can keep up to date with the band as well as listen to their music at......
This is no ordinary country group, it is a group that brings an edge to country music that has never been heard before! From laid back George Strait to Edgy Brantley Gilbert, Haywired has brought the two sounds together to make the new Country / Kansas Clay / Rock sound!!!


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